New York Burgers

1335 Notre Dame Ave, (204) 772-0965
Dine in/Take-out

I have been eating at this restaurant since I was a teenager and our youth group would do a ‘best-burger-in-the-city’ contest – which they usually did very well in. Recently, it has become one of our family’s go-to fast food burger joints.

The Food

The menu is simple, featuring burgers, dogs, fingers and fries, with shakes and pop for bevies.  The portions are hearty and the prices are quite reasonable ($ 6.89, taxes included, for a burger and fries). Our family had take-out recently and it included two orders of fries, two Fatboy’s, chicken fingers and gravy, all for $21.00. We (dad, mom, and two toddlers) didn’t even come close to finishing it all. The fries are homemade, the burgers made to order, the chicken fingers were okay, a touch overcooked, but you don’t go to a steakhouse and order fish, so I certainly won’t hold this against them. We did not order shakes, but they come highly recommended. The food is good, honest fare, exactly what you imagine when you think burger and fries.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is a classic old diner with red bench seats, gumball machines that offer free food with select black gum balls and those dropping-claw vending machines that seem like they should always catch a teddy bear yet produce little if anything other than a desire to spend another loonie. The kitchen is open so you can watch your meal being prepared. From all appearances, it seems to be quite clean, if not a touch dated.

DSC03347Odds and Ends

If you are in a hurry, you might want to call your order in. Order time is about 8-10 minutes, but it can be sped up with a planned pre-order. All burgers come with chili on them, so if you don’t like this you need to ask not to have it included. The gravy portion is large enough for 3 people to share, if ordered on the side.